CLI Restoring Wallet from Keys

If you have a Mnemonic Seed Phrase, restoring your wallet from it would probably be a good option. Otherwise, you can restore your wallet from private keys. You will need to have the following keys to proceed:
  • Wallet public address
  • Spend Key
  • View Key

Step 1: Download and unzip CLI wallet

  • Download the latest release of wallet CLI software for your desired operating system:
  • Unzip beldex-[operating-system]-[platform]-[version].zip file

Step 2: Run wallet in restore mode

  • Open a Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Linux / OSX) and navigate to the wallet folder
  • Run wallet with --generate-from-keys argument:
./beldex-wallet-cli --generate-from-keys [New Wallet Name]
Where [New Wallet Name] is a new wallet name. You can enter any name here, use something rememberable and meaningful.

Step 3: Enter wallet address, view and spend keys

On the next step, specify all 3 wallet keys, one by one:
  • Enter Standard address and press [Enter]
  • Enter Secret spend key and press [Enter]
  • Enter Secret view key and press [Enter]

Step 4: Enter wallet password

  • You will be prompted for a password. Enter a new password that follows the Password Policy and press [Enter].
  • Confirm password and press [Enter].

Step 5: Specify a blockchain height

If you know the block height at which wallet was created or a first transaction was made, you can enter it here. Specifying a blockchain height will help to scan the wallet faster.
If you don't know a specific blockchain height, press [Enter] for scanning from block height 0.

Step 6: Wait for the refresh process to finish

For refresh process to start, you need to have your daemon running. Another option would be to use a remote node. For that, use the following command, replacing and with the host and port number of the remote node you are connecting to:
./beldex-wallet-cli --daemon-address <host>:<port>
Once refresh is done, you can use your full functioning restored wallet. Your public wallet address will remain the same.